Isaiah 42:5-7

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Art's Schedule

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        2,9,16,23,30       Morningside Church (EV2 leadership training & outreach)

        6-8                        Kentucky ministry 

        12-14                    Cleaveland CI - EE graduation - Houston, TX

          15                        Houston First Baptist - Houston, TX

          20                        Arthur in Concert - New Hope Baptist - Englewood, FL

        24-27                    Oklahoma ministry

          28                        Share Your Faith Workshop - New Hope Baptist - Englewood, FL


          5-8                      Morningside Church - EE graduation & Ev2 class completion

       17-21                    Concert & Preaching Ministry - Richfield Springs Bible Church - NY











  • Fresh Start A new style of teaching that crosses generational boundaries.
  • Share Your Faith A Gospel presentation that's easy to learn and hard to forget!
  • Seminars Learn how to strengthen an existing prison ministry or implement an EE Prison Ministry.