Isaiah 42:5-7

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Art's Schedule

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               10- 11       Pulpit & EE Graduations - NWFRC, Holmes & Gulf CI - Florida Panhandle

                      12       Pulpit & EE Graduation - Bradenton Transitional Center - Bradenton, FL

                      19       Pulpit & EE Graduation - Putnam CI - East Palatka, FL

                22-24       Ministry in Thomasville, GA


                 6-10        Sarasota Christmas Pageant - Sarasota Baptist Church 

               11-13       EE US Leadership Meeting - Arden, NC















  • Fresh Start A new style of teaching that crosses generational boundaries.
  • Share Your Faith A Gospel presentation that's easy to learn and hard to forget!
  • Seminars Learn how to strengthen an existing prison ministry or implement an EE Prison Ministry.